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DUCABIKE is synonym of passion for motorbike and in special way for Ducati® bikes. Bikes can be rich and precious designed by the owner based on own taste and requirements.

DUCABIKE born with this target, created the best in the market products to make your Ducati® your own.

DUCABIKE designs, develops, manufactures and markets its products, based on experience in all the years on road and in racing to do every effort to give the maximum reliable and guarantee on products, find the design and the best performance, utilize support of our prepared technicians and the best test pilot, employing the best materials and the innovative technology in the motorbike world, this offer products always at the top.



Ducabike is strength, it's style and above all sensuality for all Ducati riders. It is based on many years of experience with riding and time spent on the road or in races. From the very beginning, he has been involved in the supply of spare parts for races at SBK, WSBK and, last but not least, MotoGP.

Ducati has been on the market for many years and is best known for its success in the World Championships and MotoGP. It started with a Ducati 125 sports bike, which was raced in the late 1950s, but was always defeated by unnamed competition. The first successes came in 1965, when the Ducati Mach 250 - a four-stroke single-cylinder OHC motorcycle with desmodromic timing, a 29mm Dell'Orto carburetor, a 5-speed transmission, 27.6 hp at 8500 rpm - appeared on the track. and a maximum speed of 170.6 km / h. With its sporty and uncompromising design, it became a legend - it had no competition on the track.

Over the years, the quality of Ducati motorcycles has remained high, and even in 2016 it remains at the forefront of the MotoGP competition.

Ducabike was born with only one goal - to provide the best on the market and first-class quality for your motorcycle.

Ducabike designs, manufactures and sells products in the best quality. You can choose from a large number of products and colors, exactly according to your taste and what your motorcycle needs. This means not only improving, but directly improving your beauty according to your imagination, taste and, above all, your needs. We guarantee the quality of our products, which are delivered directly from Italy.

Ducabike is a sponsor of the Super Sonic team in SBK-1198RS


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